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As a certified Commercial Locksmith we specialize in securing any type of workplace, whether family-owned shops or publicly traded companies.


A qualified Florida Fort Lauderdale Commercial Locksmith can make sure your offices are well-protected. We can prevent unauthorized entry, and install access control systems so that you know who is entering your building and when. We can even customize any system to suit your needs perfectly.

Commercial locksmith door hardware. Fort Lauderdale Locksmith Guys are HERE FOR YOU!!!




















Some businesses need different levels of security for different employees. Our keypad or key card entry systems can make sure employees aren't in areas they shouldn't be.


If you need a high level of security, We also install biometric systems which can identify your employees by analyzing their fingerprints, eyes, signatures, or even their walk!


Fort Lauderdale Florida Commercial Locksmith Services,  our commercial fort Lauderdale locksmith team is highly trained in the latest technology, so they can keep your company safe and running as it should.

Skilled commercial locksmiths, like those that we send to our customers, know that it’s important to have panic bars on your emergency exit doors in case of an emergency.


Panic bars allow doors to open easily, even if a panicked crowd is pushing up against the door too tightly to allow anyone to turn a handle.

They prevent access from outside just as well as any other door, they just open very easily from the inside.


It is mandatory in Florida for you to have panic device installed in your business on all fire exits.

Call us for a commercial locksmith who will arrive quickly and deliver a very reasonable estimate for my services.






No one beats our quality, price, our customer service in the Fort Lauderdale Florida area, and we are proud of that.

Our entire Commercial Locksmith staff is fully licensed, insured, and bonded.

You can trust that the people you let onto your property are doing the best, most honest, well-priced job possible. There’s no trickery or low-balled estimates that skyrocket later.

When you need better safety quickly, give The Fort Lauderdale Locksmith Guys a call. We'll get the job done right -because our commercial locksmith techs consider the safety of your business to be their business.

It's really tough out there, and there is a lot of Locksmith's who are scammers or rookies just trying to earn a quick buck. Not us...















We’re the trusted locksmiths for Property Managers


Over the years, Fort Lauderdale Locksmith Guys have provided complete locksmith services for Sheriff’s evictions and work with the Sheriff’s Department to provide the needed locksmith services.  When property managers have a new tenant move in, we’re called in to re-key the mailbox and re-key the all of the door locks. We are the trusted locksmith partners for many property management companies throughout Fort Lauderdale Florida for all residential locksmith services.  We can secure doors, repair locks, “master re-keying” and much more.


Why use Fort Lauderdale Commercial Locksmith Guys Locksmiths?


24 Hour emergency services

We service and sell home safes

Very experienced locksmiths

Affordable rates

High Quality work with quick response AND fast service








Fort Lauderdale Locksmith Guys Fort Lauderdale Florida  954-994-0766
Fort Lauderdale Locksmith Guys Fort Lauderdale Florida  954-994-0766
Fort Lauderdale Locksmith Guys Fort Lauderdale Florida  954-994-0766
Fort Lauderdale Locksmith Guys Fort Lauderdale Florida  954-994-0766

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Fort Lauderdale Locksmith Guys

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Fort Lauderdale Locksmith Guys Fort Lauderdale Florida  954-994-0766

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